Fresh Popcorn

There is nothing like the smell of fresh popcorn, except perhaps for the smell of money.

You've seen these popcorn machines everywhere for the last 20 years, but never knew where they came from. From that first original red and white popcorn machine all those years ago, the popcorn machine manufacturer is still going strong.

This is a portable business, with a HIGH return on investment (ROI) and with very low operating costs. You could even give popcorn away for free just to pull people into your shop.(really low-cost)

Machine choices
Gas popcorn machines are for total freedom. Take these units to the nearest event, without the worry of a power outage.

Photo: Gas Popcorn Machine Photo: Electric Popcorn Machine

Electric popcorn machines are for those spots/shopping malls where gas is not allowed, or you have a stable electrical supply.

Popcorn Machine Specs

With the purchase of your new popcorn machine, you'll also receive the manual for cleaning and maintenance(like replacing the glass).

8oz: Produces 225g/3minů4.5kg/hour
Patented low maintenance kettle
Kettle pivots on its own axis for safe emptying and retrieval
Lamp inside keeps popcorn warm and for visual appeal
Easy to use and clean

Gas Popcorn Machines

Our gas popcorn machines come with a rechargable battery and charger to operate the light and turning of the pot/kettle.
Specs for single kettle or double kettle popcorn machines are the same as for electrical - except a gas cylinder will be needed.
Special: Single gas unit 560x400x710mm only R3,100 excl Vat (Feb 2014 - flat roof)

Electrical Popcorn Machines

Single Kettle
Measurements - 685mmW x 485mmD x 880mmH
Cooking pot - Aluminium
Cabinet - Steel, Powder Coated
Volts - 220/230
Amperage - 8,0
KW - 1.7
Weight = 45kg (no stock)
Volumetric weight = 97kg(For your courier to tell you the price)

Special: Single electric unit 17,5kg - 560x400x710mm only R1,590 excl Vat (Feb 2014 - flat roof)
Trolley Stand with wheels also available - Push Carts - please confirm stock.

Double capacity Kettle electrical popcorn machine
Measurements - 560mmW x 400mmD x 710mmH
The rest is the same as for the single unit above, except this unit will give double the output of the single:
16oz: 450g/3min...9kg per hour
(Now, do remember this is a HUGE amount of popcorn. If you sell pre-packaged popped popcorn in a tin bucket, drum or bag, this might be your option)